« Launching the training phase within social accountability project »

 PCSfor NGOs Development has initiated with the project "enhancing social
accountability in local governorate bodies" in Jenin governorate the
training phase for the six sites targeted in this project that was launched in
last August. The project targets six municipalities in Jenin governorate which
are: Jalboun, Jalameh, Yabad, Taybeh, Jab'a and Qabatiya.
Theproject aims to enhance the relationship between the citizen and the local authority
through institutionalizing social accountability that go in line with the
policy paper of enhancing and institutionalizing social accountability in the
local authorities' works, and the national guide for social accountability
which was issued by the national committee for social accountability in
Palestine sponsored by LGRPGIZ in cooperation with Ministry of Local
Government, Development and Lending Municipalities Fund, ANSA Network, as well
as civil society institutions with long experience in social accountability in
West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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