A workshop on the grant of the Palestinian Market Development Program in Jenin         PCS for NGOs Development has conducted training on social accountability in Qabatiya         A delegation from the Gender Equality Support Fund visited the mediation unit in Jenin         Launching the training phase within social accountability project         PCS and Social Development Directorate discuss joint cooperation between them         Public debate during World Education Week 2017         Launching Community Police Week in Jenin and Tubas         PCS awarded a total of $60,000 to 15 community Based organizations in West Bank and Gaza Strip         Launching the Project of Strengthening the roles of community based police in the fostering access to justice and rule of law in Tubas and Jenin"         The First Disability EXPO in Palestine         Special Report on the Reality of Violations Against Persons with Disabilities in the Palestinian Territories         MAPPING OF EMPLOYMENT SERVICES         A Descriptive and Analytical Report about the Reality of Persons with Disabilities in the policies of the Palestinian Labor Market         PCS started interviewing SMEs Candidates         PCS funded 30 small projects for persons with disabilities in Jenin Governorate         Palestinian Consultative Staff for NGOs Development         Palestinian Consultative Staff for NGOs Development         Palestinian Consultative Staff for NGOs Development         Palestinian Consultative Staff for NGOs Development    
About Us

Palestinian Consultative Staff for NGOs Development

About PCS

Palestinian Consultative staff for developing NGOs "PCS" is independent civic and Non- governmental assemblage ,that aims to develop and empower the Palestinian community during the cadre of promoting the democracy, social equity ,sustainable development ,and respect the law and human rights , PCS presents its services without any discrimination on base on religion ,sex or race , PCS includes during its memberships more than 40 Palestinian NGOs in Jenin Governorate and northern west bank governorates ,that work in human ,social and development fields.

PCS was established on May \ 2005, after signed the memorandum understanding with member NGOs with PCS, to promote the cooperation and networking among different civil community organizations in Jenin Governorate, since that time just now PCS became one of important competent in civil community in Jenin Governorate, to be as connection circle and reference term for coordinating among the NGOs at local, national and international levels.

PCS obtained on the legal status from Palestinian interior ministry on December 2005, under Number (JN-897-B) that includes during its membership group of activists in NGOs working , experts in human development & management & planning who have good experience in public work, they represent large sector of NGOs that include more than 40 CBOs and NGOs.

The Vision of PCS

Towards effective and pioneer institutions that looking to upgrade by the local community and enhance its values, developing its capacities and sources.

The Mission of PCS

PCS is independent Palestinian NGO, that includes a set of Palestinian civil society organizations. PCS seeks to develop and enhance the capacities of CBOs , develop the local community with its different categories, and contribute to political and community awareness until access to a society with values of human rights and democracy , social justice and rule of law.

Institution's values

Transparency / Neutral / Efficiency / Excellence / Community participation/ Women's participation / Respect the human rights.

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of PCS includes the following bodies:

  • General Assembly: that includes group of consultants and experts in development field, they are selecting the administrative board and looking at administrative and financial reports, nominate the accounts audit, it is the side which supervise the work of administrative board.
  • Administrative Board: it is elected board by the general assembly, that includes 9 members, their task resume in follow up and supervising on all affairs that related with the work of PCS the election of administrative board occurs after each two years.
  • Executive Office: that includes (10) employers in PCS they are the responsible on daily management.

The Fields of work and objectives of PCS

    Main Fields of work Sub-field Objectives


Capacity building for CBOs and NGOs


Organizational Development

Empowering and developing the abilities of CBOs and NGOs


Community Development

-       Woman development


working to improve the status of women to undertake their role in the society


-       Youth development


Activating the role of youth in community development


-       Childhood development


Contributing to the improvement of childhood sector


-       Disabled person integration


Supporting the efforts of integrating and involving people with disabilities in community


-       Micro economic projects


Contributing to save the support necessary for the establishment of micro economic projects for marginalized categories



Human rights and Democracy and rule of law


-       Human rights

Enhancing and protecting the  main rights for marginalized categories

-       Democracy and Social

-       Accountability

emphasizing the values of democracy and social accountability as a knowledge and practice

-       Rule of law

Emphasizing the culture respect for law


Humanitarian Aid  


-       Relief Aid

Positive reaction to the humanitarian urgent needs in the needy areas


Current and previous projects

PCS was implement much of projects during last 5 years, as the following:

Donor Name Project Name
American Near East Refugee Aid ANERA The project of In-kind and medical assistances for jenin governorate 2006\2007
German development Service DED The project of reactive the role of women in NGOs 2006
Norwegian People’s Aid The project of schools bags and clothes 2007
UNDP /PAPP The project of capacity building of youth NGOs in Jenin governorate
Human Appeal International The project of Kaswat Eid for Orphans 2006
ARKAN Project The project of promoting the culture of respect the rule among the youth
Consulate General of France in Jerusalem The project of capacity building of NGOs 2008
National democracy institute for internal Affairs NDI The project of strengthens the small political parties 2008\2009
German development Service DED The project of promoting the rights of disabled youth 2008\2009
European Union The project of capacity building of NGOS in human rights and democracy field 2008\2009
I.R.F.A.N Canada The project of in-kind assistances for poor families 2008
Save the children U.S/NASSEJ The project of development through youths 2009
Welfare Association The project of rehabilitation the teachers to treat with disables 2009
Olef Balme International Center The project of Promotion the dialogue in the community 2009 / 2010
German development Service DED The project of integration the disabled persons through media 2010
DIAKONIA/NAD The project of lobbying and advocacy for the disabled persons 2010 / 2011
United Palestinian Appeal UPA The project of Rehabilitation the kindergartens 2010
Welfare Association The project of integration the disabled persons through media 2010
Canadian International Development Agency CIDA The project of Establish Strengthen Classes for difficulties learning students 2011
the Italian Cooperation The project of Strengthening the Palestinian Electoral Participation 2010 / 2011
The Euro-Mediterranean Foundation of Support to Human Rights Defenders The project of Combating Discrimination against Palestinian Women Working in the Private Sector 2010 / 2011
German International Cooperation The project of enhancing political participation of disabled 2011
DROSOS Foundation The project of supporting pioneering projects for disabled youths 2011 / 2012
CORDAID The Project of Capacity Building of Women CBOs in Jenin 2012-2013
European Union The action of enhancing and protecting the rights of persons with disabilities in the Palestinian territories 2012-2014
The Euro-Mediterranean Foundation of Support to Human Rights Defenders The action of Protecting the right to form Associations in Palestine

Contact Us

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Jenin city - Haifa Street - Al-Areej Building Floor 5
Tel: 0097242501989
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